Our Company

ΤSG Wooden Constructions

TSG Wooden Constructions was founded in 2000 by Lambros Tsagaris with the aim of becoming a model construction unit of its kind, undertaking the manufacture of wooden creations with an emphasis on special constructions.

Along the way, our company has proven that can successfully carry out small and large-scale carpentry projects throughout Greece, having been active in a variety of environments such as private homes, airports, hotels, banks, hospitals, schools, shops, etc. adhering to strict schedules, financial budgets and delivering high quality construction.

Throughout its activity, TSG Wooden Constructions collaborates with renowned architectural offices and construction companies, undertaking to carry out customized projects.

Our mission

The focus on quality, aesthetics and ergonomics utilizing our many years of experience with the aim of creating modern carpentry structures, using branded and certified materials with respect for the environment and sustainable development.

Our services

We undertake the construction, transport and installation of each of our projects.

Special wooden constructions

Equipment for shops, hotels, banks, schools

Residential furniture